Evolution to Revolution

The Evolution implies gradual and continuous development in ideas and Revolution means sudden changes in action. Here we are continuously evolving to revolve around the world with our Cooling products.

  • 1Unique manufacturing with operational excellence
  • 2Environment friendly approach is prime concern
  • 3We drive innovation through competitive passion

Clarion's Eco Friendly Products

We Don’t Make Coolers

We Make living Better

The basic idea of our company is to provide quality, design and reliability at one place. We follow Design Thinking to develop new products and services, create value for customers and increase profitability in the long term. We value our customers more than our profits. Customers are prime concern here.

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    Reliable And Smart Motors

    The 3 speed motors of our coolers ensures cooling at a very high speed. Just turn on the switch and get your room cooled in seconds. This feature is analogous to modern A.C. Hence our products prove even better than A.C.

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    Strong Body Build

    The design and architecture of our coolers have been made by keeping in mind to comfort for Comfort for all weather. So Product Embedded with heavy Metal with long life .

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    Large Cooling Area

    Our coolers are provided with the ability of covering a very large area. This feature facilitates our customers a cool and freshly air in every corner of their rooms, houses, shops or office buildings and adjust.

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    Reliable Cooling Media

    Clarion Cooler make Eco-friendly Coolers. With Large Pad hot dry air become moist and as the cooler blow the cools moist air out and cooling down our room, office and area. Which enable comfortable cooling of each and every corner of our rooms.

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    Innovative Designs of Product

    The design and architecture of our coolers have been made by keeping in mind all the angles and postures of human body. So, The throw of air is direct at the level of human body, Which enable comfortable cooling of each and every corner of our rooms.

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    Pumps with 100% Efficiency

    Our Product include Reliable and quiet submersible water pump. Which Suction sups to fit any aquariums. These don't depend on external air pressure for fluid lifting Who make great power with low energy. Which make our product evaporative coolers

Extend Your Reach And Expand Your Business Portfolio With Improved Technology And Cost Efficient Products.

In a fiercely competitive and dynamic marketplace, companies continue to look for new opportunities to grow revenue and create differentiation. Clarion is focused on providing the right partnership model to help you accelerate that growth. Our Partner Services enable you to fast-track the extension of your global footprint, expand services and deploy new technologies, while reducing risk and cost factor. With Clarion , you gain a full spectrum of offerings and support. By trusting in a reliable provider like Clarion, you can design, deploy, operate, market and sell the solutions your customers are seeking. This complete transformation of our worldwide infrastructure allows us to deliver services and products to more countries and regions.

  • 1We provide global opportunities for partners
  • 2Success factor for partners
  • 3Emerging market

Your success is our’s

About Clarion

  • 1IDEOLOGY is something that drives an organization and we work on an ideology to manufacture most innovative products which improves living standards of modern day lives. Due to increasing global warming the climatic conditions change day by day. As a result of these variations, the weather is becoming more and more hot.
  • 2 In such inappropriate climatic conditions,it becomes difficult for both both industrial as well as commercial areas to perform their duties . The Challenge to improve environment of such places at affordable cost derived unique products like Expert and tornado. The concept of Evaporative Air Coolers is about 30 Year old.
  • 3 Cooling Tower working principle or technique is improved to lower temperature by water evaporation & heat absorption through cooling pads. Temperature are reduced by 7- 10 degree Celsius from natural weather temperature and oxygen levels are improved. Due to simple principles & design, Cost of reducing temperature is very low as compared to refrigeration gas based techniques, it gives best results in all terms.
  • 4 Evaporative coolers are very popular in deserts, Middle East and other high temperature zones of earth. We have done extensive study and improvement in all aspects of conventional air cooler to develop new breakthrough coolers to meet today’s as well as future generation needs.
  • 5 Our coolers are designed to give you superior cooling over vast expanse of space, improve oxygen levels, high energy efficiency and trouble free performance for years together. We have ensured that our coolers are aesthetically good and they fit with your existing layouts & interiors in all aspects.
  • 6 Our coolers are tested for best efficient & safety for direct installation at any major standard location. We are committed to deliver best products and after sales services at best value for money for our esteem customers.

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