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Benefit of Evaporative cooling

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Better indoor air quality

Fresh air is a major benefit of evaporative air conditioning, supplying 100% fresh, cool, outside air, all while delivering superior energy efficiency compared to a refrigerated equivalent.

Better for the environment and better for you

Evaporative air conditioning systems contain no harmful synthetic refrigerants. Compare this to refrigerated systems which may use potent greenhouse gases like hydro fluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons, which deplete the ozone layer. Opting for evaporative air conditioning means that you will not only help the environment but you will also experience natural, cool, fresh filtered air.

Whisper quiet operation

In the dead of night there’s nothing more annoying than a noisy hum of an air conditioner. Seeley International’s evaporative air conditioners have a reputation for being exceptionally quiet, so you won’t hear a thing as you sleep, particularly the Clarion which is renowned for being whisper quiet.

Evaporative air conditioners are eco-friendly

Refrigerated cooling can not only cause the air to become dry inside a home, but it also uses chemicals which can damage the environment. In comparison, evaporate cooling is based completely on natural processes which cools air using water, with no chemicals involved.

Add moisture to the air

Evaporative air conditioning can also help to slightly increase the amount of moisture in the air. This is especially beneficial for people living in dryer climates who can find it difficult to breathe or experience dry and cracked skin when using refrigerated options.

Easy maintenance

Regular service by a qualified technician from time to time will ensure the unit continues to run at its peak efficiency and maintain low evaporative running costs. Organising an evaporative cooling service is fast, simple and easy to arrange through a network of dealers and service agents throughout India.

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