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Clarion coolers were conceived in 1982. Ever since then, the company has embarked on a journey of innovation that improved on technology focusing on the ideals of customer satisfaction. With its introduction into the domestic market, clarion implemented unique concepts of manufacturing technology to produce high end products that reflected the high standards of quality of the company.

Running hand in hand with production was an ideology driven by a commitment to be a responsible industrial entity in addressing environmental concerns, Clarion products featured non carbon emitting devices that did not contribute to the increasing harmful carbon emissions of most industrial products today. Thus a Clarion product isn’t just an eco friendly device it is also a healthy product for the consumer where no chemical toxins are released or used in their working process.

Cooling Magic Of Clarion

Today Clarion has gained a foothold in industry where more than a million homes and industries use a clarion product. With manufacturing norms exclusive to production, Clarions technology uses the evaporation method of cooling which is far more efficient and resourceful than convention compressed refrigerated cooling systems of today.

Such innovations of technology have given way to state of the art products which feature the characteristics of affordability, efficiency durability and quality. With stringent methods of quality testing, Clarion ensures their products meet the highest standards of international quality, making the product a globally accepted one.

Industry is not only governed by its manner of productions. After sales services and customer relationship is of prime importance towards improving the goodwill of a company. Clarion recognizes this aspect of business which is reflected in the reliability of its products and services. Not only is a Clarion product a cost effective device, it also features excellent after sale services to ensure a customer is satisfied in every aspect from production of quality products to maintenance. Once a customer has purchased a clarion product, he can be assured of the full support of clarions ideals justifying the term ‘satisfaction guaranteed’.

  • Eco friendly: with zero carbon emission a clarion product is not only healthy for environment but for the consumer as well
  • Durability : Heavyweight strong and sturdy bodies
  • Modernized design: aesthetic designs ensure that clarion products blend well into any industrial environment
  • Energy and water conservation: clarion coolers use low energy and conserve water resources
  • Reliability: every product will provide maximized performances

Our main and basic strategy is to make the most efficient air coolers available to the widest customer segment all over India. To this end we design and manufacture air coolers for domestic use at one end to large system packaged units to cool industrial and commercial spaces.


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Air coolers is one segment in which manufacturing is quite disorganized with many corner shops and small units putting together systems that barely last a season. They are content to follow. Clarion Coolers, on the other hand, is a leader. We have pioneered the art of innovation in something as simple as air coolers and refined it into a high tech product that works even in high ambient temperatures of Indian and Middle East summers—a time when air conditioners fail to live up to expectations. We lead by setting an example based on our research that takes in all parameters such as air speed, air volume, air delivery, moisture content control and air spread to optimize comfort levels.

Most entrepreneurs would not consider investing in air cooler manufacturing because of the nature of the market. We did. We changed perceptions about air coolers as something that looked as it was put together in a workshop to something that is high tech, utilitarian and aesthetic as well for domestic use. Air coolers were considered cheap products not worth buying, especially by those with money. We led from the front and changed perceptiosn about it being an energy saving, high performance, environment-friendly product.