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Which is the Best Air Cooler for You?

It can be much harder to find the perfect air cooling solution than most people imagine. Many start by making the important choice between air-coolers and conventional air-conditioners. Those who appreciate the benefits air coolers make it easy to opt for them instead of air conditioners. 

If the business environment encourages the use of air coolers (where humidity is not a problem), air coolers are the best air cooling devices to choose from. Air coolers are of various types and, before choosing any unit, there are important factors to consider.

The best thing you can do is to find and properly mount the right unit(s) for your cooling needs. They will address the different types of air coolers and how they satisfy different cooling requirements to help you figure out just what you need.

Major Types of Air Cooler

Air coolers are divided into three main types:

Portable Air Coolers

As the name implies, these machines are their main advantage in terms of portability. They are very common machines that can be used around the home or place of business. Portable air coolers are designed in such a way that they can be easily moved. If you want to cool outdoor living room, portable air coolers are also great.

Window Air Coolers

These are window-mounted air coolers. These are the ideal air-cooling solutions for problems of localized cooling. Window air coolers can be used in both residential and office buildings. If the need for cooling is limited to a particular office room or area, window air cooler can be built to take care of it. 

These are the perfect alternative to window air conditioners that is cost-effective. For easy installation, top-quality models come with all the components intact. They will suit vertical and horizontal doors. While they are ideal for localized indoor cooling, their nature makes it impossible to use window air coolers in the outdoor environment. This is their major drawback.

Maintaining them is also a little more complex than maintaining portable air coolers, although the maintenance of air conditioners can never be as complicated or expensive.

Industrial Air Coolers

These are air coolers, as the name suggests, which are best suited for industrial applications. They are perfect for refrigerating warehouses, factories, workshops, restaurants, and other places of business. In general, industrial air coolers are larger than portable and window units.

Although industrial air coolers are relatively more expensive than portable air coolers and air coolers for doors, they offer long-term cost-effective solutions.

They work perfectly in open spaces, just like other types of air coolers.

It makes them the ideal option for large areas that are busy. We can keep the room cool easily without increasing the energy bill.

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