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18000  M3/hr Airflow

For Area Up To 2500* Sq ft

Decent water capacity of 90 litres

High-Efficiency 100 MM Cooling Pad

Low energy consumption, Consumes only 500 Watts*

Total plastic construction for rust-free, reliable performance for years


Clarion Twister 30, mobile commercial cooler for your all cooling needs, whether It’s indoor cooling or outdoor, it’s a large space or a spot. With a high-volume axial fan and the longest pad area, it cools down the large area with a short span of time.

In addition to cooling it also promises cost-saving as it consumes only 2 units of electricity in just one hour. This makes Twister suitable for industrial and commercial application such as outdoor events, workshops, restaurants, gyms, clubs, swimming pool area, indoor stadiums and so on.

Made up of 100 percent polymer it avoids rusting and expensive maintenance.


Model TWISTER 30
SIZE (MM) 863x609x1524
FAN RPM 950*
WATER CAP 90 litres
COOLING CAP Up to 2500 Sqft *

We Care

Preventive Maintenance During Summers

  • Recycle The Water Tank Every Week To Avoid Scaling Of Salt
  • Clean & Dry The Water Tank After Every 15 Days
  • Cleaning The Cooling Media And Panels After 15 Days
  • cleaning The Water Distribution Channels & Pipes
  • Cleaning The Evaporative Cooler From Outside
  • Lubricate The Motor And Pump
  • Cross-examine All Electrical Connections

Preventive Maintenance After Summers

  • Make Sure To Dry & Clean The Water Tank
  • Cleaning The Cooling Media (Cellulose Pads And Panels)
  • Remove The Cooling Media If Wood Wool
  • Lubricate The Fan And Motor
  • Clean The Cooler From Outside
  • Pack The Cooler With Corrugated Box.

Tips And Tricks

  • Make Sure Water Pump Is On
  • Keep Windows And Doors Open For Cross Ventilation
  • ensure Proper Installation In Window Of Window Air Cooler
  • Make A Direct Water Connection To Avoid Dry Run
  • Make Sure You Use Clean Water Which Avoids Scaling On Pads And Gives Maximum Evaporation.


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Under the Hood

Heavy Duty Motor

Heavy Duty Motor The cooler beats the others with its long running heavy duty motor. Clarion uses the most powerful motor to unsure cooling with out any interruptions, Its specially designed aluminium frame keeps it safe from the moisture.

High Efficiency Rigid Media

High Efficiency Rigid Media Cooling media is one of the important part of any evaporative air cooler —Clarion industrial air coolers are more efficient and less costly to operate. In fact, it is up to 13% more efficient than conventional coolers. Rigid media material provides cooler air and can last up to 10 times longer than old style aspen pads.

Powerful Axial Fan

Powerful Axial Fan – Twister comes with a well balanced 30″ aluminium fan which is designed aerodynamically for maximum air flow. Made of cast aluminium it ensures hassle free long life with out any expensive replacements.

Easy Go Portability

Easy Go Portability – With in built wheels , Twister allows you to feel the chill around the corners, with the help of its go castors & compatible size you can use it where ever you need it.