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How Clarion Cooler Dealership is Beneficial For you ?

Taking on an Air cooler  dealership requires careful planning. Dealers must take into account the specific legal requirements they will need to comply with to open a dealership in their state as well as how to know the product is to the consumers, because if the product is better known to consumers the the selling becomes easy. 

You must also consider other aspects such as your local market, whether the product is not only well known but also provide great quality for the buyers. 

With an increase in the number of Indian cities and towns, the demand for air cooler is increasing day by day. This has expanded the network of residential air coolers distributors & dealership by leaps and bounds. The demand for all air cooler is very high in the region where there is high temperature most of the year. Tie up with clarion cooler, the best and watch your ROI go up in no time!

You choose an alliance when you associate with us that will consistently yield impressive returns on your moderate investments. We are committed to maximizing both existing and new franchises ‘ prospects for success.

As part of the franchise plan, we give our partners competitive margins for the entire Clarion Coolers product range. In monitoring and managing the business, we continuously assist franchisees to ensure that the best business practices are implemented to run the store on profit as well as to achieve consumer satisfaction.

With most heavy lifting, we have extensive training for all franchises on business processes, regular check-up procedures, accounting, inventory control, etc. We take care of inventory management by playing a key role in stock procurement, products distribution monitoring, replenishment ordering, and product range maintenance.

In addition, we also offer comprehensive support for branding, advertising and PR to boost your business visibility. To ensure effective communication and smooth operations, we support every franchise with dedicated staff.

Strategy We Follow

Our key and fundamental strategy is to make available the most powerful air coolers to the largest customer segment in India. To this end, we design and manufacture air coolers for domestic use to cool industrial and commercial spaces at one end of large device packed systems.

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