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Industrial Coolers, Tips on Recognizing the Best Deal

Industrial coolers today are economical and efficient signs of cooling. They are not only used in industrial applications but good for domestic use as well. Industrial coolers like tent coolers are extremely useful for outdoor and indoor use. ,

When you’re about to buy an industrial cooler you need to realize this isn’t a small purchase neither is it a small machine. You may be purchasing it for your home where fewer considerations need to be taken into account. But if you are purchasing it for your factory, warehouse or office then you certainly need to follow certain tips that will help you recognize the right air cooler that suits your requirements. Only then you will know you have got a good deal.

One must be aware of several aspects of an air cooler to choose the right one. Apart from technical factors there are other issues that influence the performance of a cooler. What is important is  knowing  what exactly is an industrial cooler.

Industrial coolers are air coolers and cooling systems based on the method of evaporation. Technology using the concept of these natural phenomena, has been incorporated into the mechanics of an air cooling system to produce cooling machines known as industrial coolers. These are further classified as swamp coolers, desert coolers and tent coolers.

Most industrial coolers are also known as tent coolers as they are based on evaporative techniques of cooling.  Air is circulated within the machine over a cooling pad consisting of a cooling agent and water. The hot air absorbs water by evaporation resulting in cold fresh air blown out of the machine.

What Are the Factors Governing the Purchase of the Right Cooler.

  • Brand
  • Technology
  • Hardware & Components
  • Durability
  • After Sales Service

Industrial coolers are used in many applications. While a certain type may be good for production units, there are those which may suit a gymnasium or even an outdoor tent. Your type of cooler will depend on such issues. In the same manner, you need to know the correct dimensions of the surrounding area you want cooled. Industrial coolers like tent coolers have a certain capacity of performance. Now instead of wasting precious time searching for irrelevant coolers, you need to look for a cooler with the right cooling capacity.

The weather and climate conditions of your home or your factory make a big difference in such matters. You may be located in an area which is arid and dry without moisture like desert type of climates. In this case desert coolers are ideal. These not only reduce temperature but release moisture to neutralize the dry conditions.

Alternately you could be located in hot temperate high humid zones. In this case you need a cooler with a larger cooling capacity which reduces temperature and cools a large area.

What are the technical aspects of a good industrial cooler?

When you buy an industrial cooler, you could be misled into purchasing a cheap brand that does not meet your standards of performance. In event of such a situation, you need to learn the technical aspects of what makes a good cooler.

  • High standards of cooling: A good cooler will not only commence cooling in a few minutes it will cool at high speeds reducing the temperature by a minimum of 10 degrees. The large water tank in a cooler ensures a longer period of cooling. These are specifications that need clarifying before you make a purchase.
  • Covers wide areas: Efficient high performance coolers cover large areas up to 2500 sq feet,
  • High speed fans and large cooling pads: The main component of an industrial cooler is its cooling pad and the 3g high speed fans that push out cold air. These should be in perfect working order.
  • Branded superior quality components: You can always ask the dealer about the technical features of the cooler. A machine using branded components will ensure longevity of performance.
  • Durability: A good air cooler will have a durable anti corrosive insulated body to prevent rusting and shock. Durability also means a longer life.
  • Maintenance: Always find out the frequency of maintenance needed by your cooler. A good quality cooler requires low maintenance. It may be necessary to get the cooler serviced at intervals to maintain its efficiency in cooling.
  • Low energy consumption: Check the electrical consumption requirements of the cooler before purchasing one. Almost all branded coolers will require low electrical costs. Industrial coolers are known for their conservational features. This is one factor that stands out amongst other rest as cooling large applications are an expensive prospect. Industrial coolers help save on electric costs by a large margin.
  • Eco friendly: This is an important aspect of an air cooler where there are no carbon emissions. Always insist on a brand reputed for environment friendly technology. Zero carbon means you get to breathe healthy and natural air emitted by the cooler.

Factors concerning Installation and Additional Charges

Whenever you purchase an air cooler always make sure the machine comes with free installation. A good industrial cooler brand will always assist a customer in free installation and n additional service charges.  Moreover, you should ensure that your air cooler comes with all the benefits of its warranty.  Do not be led astray by dealers insisting on selling you substandard machines that come with attractive warranties. Industrial coolers like tent coolers have high degree of mobility and as a result can be easily installed and used in multiple applications. Can be used in various applications.

Industrial coolers are considered economical effective ways of cooling. Widely used in industries, they are well known as gadgets that protect the environment.  When you are shopping for one. You need to consider the above factors to help you realize what makes a good cooler. Only then will you have the confidence to shop for an industrial cooler and be sure you are getting a good deal.

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