The perfect cooling solution for open and semi-open spaces in industries and commercial premises.
In big industries and large warehouses, where window air coolers are not feasible, Clarion’s duct coolers are highly effective. Top-notch quality and superior cooling make it one of the most sought-after products for the purpose of cooling in multiple industrial units across India.
Instead of installing a number of air coolers in large industrial and commercial spaces benefit by an installation of clarion duct air coolers that draw on air conditioning principles yet work at a fraction of the cost to deliver high levels of comfort. High-efficiency honeycomb pads allow for extra cooling and low moisture levels. Clarion duct coolers can deliver  air between 8000 CMH to 100000 CMH at per desired static pressure


  • Unique 4 side/ 3 side air intake and low face velocity design
  • RoHS pads with dense  flute structure and  high saturation efficiency
  • Sturdy design with heavy-duty skid base for rooftop or sidewall installations
  • Heavy Galvanised  steel sheet metal body, nuts, and bolts of stainless steel (SS)
  • Specially designed leak-proof industrial water tank
  • Highest quality components like motor, blower and water pumps
  • 100% water tested prior to packaging and dispatch
  • No outsourcing. In-house factory-integrated manufacturing with 3D designing, CNC, powder coating, and test labs
  • Complete cooler with starter panel and controls. Plug and Play
  • Centrifugal blower for high static pressure, long duct lengths, and throw
  • Duct layout design, installations services, and spare parts available
  • Customized solutions are available.

Why Clarion is the right choice?


  • Industrial & Commercial ducted air cooler Range available from 8000 to 100000 CMH
  • Air Coolers are designed for quoted CFM delivery at designed Static Pressure so as to take care of normal ducts.
  • CNC fabricated high-grade Galvanised steel Cabinet for harsh outdoor operations.
  • All nuts, bolts & screws of SS.
  • Cooler Unit with pads on three sides for higher efficiency at lower face velocity.
  • Electric Control panel with starter and controls in the air cooler unit.
  • AMCA certified DIDW Centrifugal Blower
  • Designed for low RPM for lower noise levels and trouble-free operation.
  • Epoxy lining in the water tank.
  • Choice of Top, Bottom, and Side air discharge.
  • Compact units, enabling easy handling and placement.
  • Quick and easy cooling pad removal.
  • With quick fill, overflow and auto cut off the arrangement of water.
  • With a very reliable motor, blower, pump.