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With mercury reaching new heights, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remain calm and relaxed. During sweltering sun, an economical way to keep you calm is by using an air cooler. Simple and elegant, the cooler combines beautifully with the room’s ambiance. The air cooler typically features a lightweight design and can be conveniently carried into any space you like with the aid of castor wheels at its base. They are a perfect addition to your living room this summer, thanks to their simple operation and maintenance capabilities.

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To avoid the dramatic changes in the environment, air coolers give us a simple solution by controlling room temperature providing a constant flow of air. Clarion provides you with a range of fashionable and feature-rich portable air coolers, perfect for personal and professional use.

Browse the full range of portable air coolers available online at Clarion in a variety of sizes & styles and select the one that suits all your cooling needs. During the scorching summer days, the air coolers are ideal summer companions. They cost relatively less maintenance and circulate cool air efficiently throughout the house without using much fuel.

Smart Domestic Air Cooler

Being one of the most innovative air cooler brand in India Clarion gives you the most promising and superior performing residential coolers combining of Heavy galvanized steel casing and smart energy efficient electric motors. 

Clarion give you the widest range of metal-air coolers in India whether It comes to Room coolers, window coolers, or duct cooler, Clarion has the most unique and advanced products to fulfill your every need. 

Packed with various advanced functions such as four-way deflection, variable speed sensors, water level indicators, and other user-friendly features, these air coolers provide cool air evenly across a room and help to regulate the temperature in a jiffy.

It can also take into account the use of air coolers with advanced filters that help to remove dust, odor, bacteria, and air allergens in any room. In addition, some of these are also fitted with mosquito filters.

Widest Range Of Industrial Air Coolers

For industrial cooling, we sell a variety of portable air coolers and ductable coolers ranging from 4500 CFM to 1,00,000 CFM. For the specifications of the given cooling area, all our commercial air coolers and ductable coolers are tested for their efficiency at a temperature above 45 degrees Celsius. 

They cool the environment effortlessly and naturally produce an incredible cooling effect in summer. The best thing is that our portable industrial air coolers need no heavy installations they are the most energy-saving, plug and play products designed and manufactured in India.

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