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Clarion coolers were conceived in 1982. Ever since then, the company has embarked on a journey of innovation that improved on technology focusing on the ideals of customer satisfaction. With its introduction into the domestic market, clarion implemented unique concepts of manufacturing technology to produce high-end products that reflected the high standards of quality of the company. Running hand in hand with production was an ideology driven by a commitment to be a responsible industrial entity in addressing environmental concerns, Clarion products featured non-carbon emitting devices that did not contribute to the increasing harmful carbon emissions of most industrial products today. Thus a Clarion product isn’t just an eco-friendly device it is also a healthy product for the consumer where no chemical toxins are released or used in their working process.


The world leader in evaporative air cooling. Our main and basic strategy is to make the most efficient air coolers available to the widest customer segment all over India. Know More


The world leader in evaporative air cooling. We were, are and will be glued to our mission to innovate, excel and deliver outstandingly superior air coolers Know More



Today the domestic refrigeration market leans more towards evaporative industrial coolers due to the cost factors that are much cheaper in comparison to air-conditioned units. These are economical alternatives to cooling in the hot months of summer especially where frequent usage of cooling systems can increase electric consumption which means high energy bills. Industrial coolers like swamp coolers are commonly installed in areas suited for maximum performance of the cooler. These are roofs, outside windows or walls. Industrial coolers require a low degree of maintenance and hence provide a 75 % reduction in total costs involved in running a cooler. Industrial air coolers for the domestic sector can easily blend into the décor of a room and can be moved around at will

Industrial coolers benefit warehousing, manufacturing units, garages, and even research and development centres enquiring efficient cooling solutions. Commercial industrial coolers provide efficient cooling in large garages, gymnasiums, warehouse and storage faculties and airport hangars.A typical industrial cooler can even cool areas up to 3000 square feet. Industry stands to gain from such effective cooling methods not only because of the cost-effective factor but also the low consumption of natural resources where water is used without wastage. There are no harmful emissions from an industrial air cooler



infographic-cooling-principlesCooling principle is very simple as pump pumps the water with the help of pipes it is poured on cooling media used on cooler through which air passes and reaches at fan then motor revolves fan at very high speed that create vacuum inside cooler this phenomenon force air to pass through water. When air passes through the thin film of water then it became colder and passes through the front face of the cooler which cools the room and other spaces.

The cooler that generally used in home and offices are called evaporative cooler that works on the principal of evaporation of water. Working principal of such coolers differs from that of A.C that works on vapour compression and you typically heard a word compressor in A.C.

When air passes through water then there is the transfer of energy from hot air to normal temperature water. After getting heat from the air, water evaporates that cools air since energy that is responsible for a high temperature of the air is absorbed by water and used in evaporation. This mechanism gives cool air from coolers. The coolers that work on this principal also known as a desert cooler.For home purposes, we use this mechanism since it is easy and utilizes less energy and electricity. We are always approaching toward better energy efficiency.


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Today Clarion has gained a foothold in industry where more than a million homes and industries use a clarion product. With manufacturing norms exclusive to production, Clarions technology uses the evaporation method of cooling which is far more efficient and resourceful than convention compressed refrigerated cooling systems of today.