Our Strategies

Our main and basic strategy is to make the most efficient air coolers available to the widest customer segment all over India. To this end we design and manufacture air coolers for domestic use at one end to large system packaged units to cool industrial and commercial spaces.

Innovation is our credo and our air coolers are miles ahead of traditional definition of air coolers that use wood wool, exhaust fan and pump.

Cost is also a major consideration. We control costs in order to produce an innovative, highly efficient product and we control costs so people can afford to buy better coolers at lower prices.

After sales service is a major pillar of our corporate strategy. Customers expect and receive full support once they have installed our systems.

We are ambitious and it has led us to where we are and now we have set our sights on the world. Our markets are no longer confined to India and we aim to become a global player.

Our strategy is formulated to make marketing a cornerstone of our business approach and to this end we have developed a team of marketing strategists who keep a pulse on market developments, analyze trends and advise production of what to come up with.

Lean manufacturing and quality control are part of our overall policy to become market leaders in this segment. Consistency and high quality marks out our products.

Research and development is at the heart of our strategy to innovate and inspire by creating high tech products at low prices for the masses.