ventilion 30 industrial cooler


Ventilion30 a robust industrial cooling machine built to meet your all cooling needs. An innovative industrial cooler from the house of Clarion, Ventilion is loaded with a high delivery 30″ axial fan that can deliver up to 18000 CMH & the longest pad area, which can cool down the large area of 2800 sqft within a short span of time. Designed smartly to be installed in a window or can be used as a spot cooler on portable wheels. Made up of 100 percent high-grade LLDPE plastic it promises long life & avoids expensive maintenance.


Under the Hood

Heavy Duty Motor  The cooler beats the others with its long running heavy duty motor. Clarion uses the most powerful motor to unsure cooling with out any interruptions, Its specially designed aluminium frame keeps it safe from the moisture.

High Efficiency Rigid Media  Cooling media is one of the important part of any evaporative air cooler —Clarion  industrial air coolers  are  more efficient and less costly to operate. In fact, it is up to 13% more efficient than conventional coolers. Rigid media material provides cooler air and can last up to 10 times longer than old style aspen pads.


Powerful Axial Fan – Ventilion comes with a well balanced  30″ aluminium fan which is designed aerodynamically for maximum air flow.  Made of cast  aluminium it ensures hassle free long life with out any expensive replacements.

Easy Go Portability – With Ventilion you can feel the chill around the corners, with the help of its go castors & compatible size you can use it where ever you need it.


Pro-Armor  The polymeric LLDPE  one piece molded structure is designed to give you  uninterrupted cooling for long life. Ventilion’s armor avoids expensive maintenance  and rust free operation.

  • Assembly Section
  • Airport Hangars
  • Auto Industry
  • Banquet Hall
  • Bakery
  • Bank
  • Canteen
  • Ceramics
  • Conference Hall
  • Convention Halls
  • Camel Breeding
  • Film Studio
  • Food Processing
  • Green House
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel
  • Kennels
  • Horse Breeding
  • Leather Industries
  • Military Installation
  • Metallurgy
  • Machine Shop
  • Moulding Industries
  • Mosque
  • Poultry Farm
  • Open Restaurant
  • Rubber Industry
  • Resorts & SPA
  • Service Station
  • Stone Industry
  • Stadium
  • Kennels
  • Stage Show
  • Tiles Manufacturers
  • Tissue Culture
  • Under Ground Parking
  • Warehouse
  • Ships
  • Offset Printing Press
Installation of  Ventilion 30
Aerocool Plus Warranty Card

Note* – Under ideal test conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on the ambient conditions and the heat load. All specifications are approximate and may vary within + 10% of the specified value. All products are subject to continuous improvement. The company reserves the right to change specifications without any prior notice. Images shown above are not as per scale.