Twister 120

Twister 120, mobile commercial cooler for your large cooling need. This cost-saving device emits fresh chilled air into a required area. It comes with a high delivery axial fan with the longest pad area, which cools down the large area with a short span of time. Twister can be installed in window, duct or on portable wheels. Made up of 100 percent polymer it avoids rusting and expensive maintenance.

Twister 120 Industrial Cooler


18000 m3/hr Airflow
Powerful 30″ Axial fan
For area up to 2500 Sq ft
Enormous water capacity of 120 liters

Note* – Under ideal test conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on the ambient conditions and the heat load. All specifications are approximate and may vary within + 10% of the specified value. All products are subject to continuous improvement. The company reserves the right to change specifications without any prior notice. Images shown above are not as per scale.

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