The most rated 4 sided spot cooling machine with powerful air throw & maximum cooling.

The Ninja by Clarion is a water-cooled, portable spot air cooler that offers a cooling capacity of 5400CMH. The unit, which is Clarion’s first 4 sided air discharge model, is designed for applications where a large air cooler cannot be used. Ninja 54 spot air cooler is used to cool 4 spots at a single time, this spot cooler is loaded with  Commercial Rigid Media which supplement and/or replace mechanical refrigeration needs. The four-sided inlet spot cooler produces fresh chilled air which can ideally cool down multiple spots in short interval of time


The Ninja 54 spot cooler is self-contained and no external condensing unit or refrigerant charging is required, saving construction, installation and maintenance costs. The unit can simply be wheeled into place, connected to a water supply, plugged into a standard electrical outlet and turned on. Ninja delivers a high level of comfort anywhere you need it. Made in India and built for continuous duty, the powder coated heavy duty metal cabinet will deliver many years of quality service.


The Ninja cooler is equipped with 4 sided air discharge for multiple spot cooling.Ninja is constructed of special discharge section which can cool down 4 spots at a time, Loaded with auto swing diverters it provides fresh chilled air in every corner. This unique design of Ninja makes it highly demanded product in the market.


Available with 4 sided auto swing diverters

Direct driven blower

Castor trolley for easy portability

Under the Hood

POWERFUL COOLING MEDIA The four-sided spot air cooler features the 75 mm cellulose pads on four sides  to provide the coolest air possible. Each and every machine is tested for maximum efficiency & cooling media is tested to provide maximum evaporation & low moisture, as maximum evaporation provides maximum cooling efficiency. Rigid media is tested and used to ensure that they cool down large area in short span of time.  These duct coolers and its integrated systems work hard to help bring together both performance and efficiency while providing worry-free reliability.

BUILT FOR LONG PERFORMANCE: Clarion spot coolers are constructed of heavy galvanized steel. Each component is then coated to ensure maximum performance. The blower wheel is dynamically balanced and paired with long-life ball bearings to ensure trouble-free operation. Direct driven blowers are developed and designed to avoid rust and corrosion. Clarion spot cooler will provide years of reliable service and provide maximum return on your investment.

  • Assembly Section
  • Airport Hangars
  • Auto Industry
  • Banquet Hall
  • Bakery
  • Bank
  • Canteen
  • Ceramics
  • Conference Hall
  • Convention Halls
  • Camel Breeding
  • Film Studio
  • Food Processing
  • Green House
  • Gymnasiums
  • Hospitals
  • Hotel
  • Kennels
  • Horse Breeding
  • Leather Industries
  • Military Installation
  • Metallurgy
  • Machine Shop
  • Moulding Industries
  • Mosque
  • Poultry Farm
  • Open Restaurant
  • Rubber Industry
  • Resorts & SPA
  • Service Station
  • Stone Industry
  • Stadium
  • Kennels
  • Stage Show
  • Tiles Manufacturers
  • Tissue Culture
  • Under Ground Parking
  • Warehouse
  • Ships
  • Offset Printing Press

Note* – Under ideal test conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on the ambient conditions and the heat load. All specifications are approximate and may vary within + 10% of the specified value. All products are subject to continuous improvement. The company reserves the right to change specifications without any prior notice. Images shown above are not as per scale.