Kost 50

Presenting Kost 50, an all-new powerful desert cooler with the specially designed galvanized steel body, unmatched aesthetics, it occupies less floor space and delivers incredible energy efficiency. Because of its unique style and slim size, it offers you to use this air cooler as a personal room cooler as well as window cooler. Kost is here to rule the market. Get ready to be thrilled with its performance. Now, who’ll not want a Kost?


  • Smart & Elegant Design
  • Decent water tank capacity of 55 litres
  • Powerful 16″ fan
  • High Efficiency 3 sided WoodWool pads.

Note* – Under ideal test conditions. Actual performance may vary depending on the ambient conditions and the heat load. All specifications are approximate and may vary within + 10% of the specified value. All products are subject to continuous improvement. The company reserves the right to change specifications without any prior notice. Images shown above are not as per scale.