Clarion Industrial Coolers are in a class apart. Designed to operate in tough industrial environments, Clarion industrial coolers embody state of art engineering for flawless performance. Perfection and performance are the hallmarks of Clarion Industrial Coolers. Known for the best quality, the product has received acceptance all over the country. Industries across India rely on Clarion Industrial Coolers.

Some of the features of Clarion Industrial Coolers are:

• High flow fans and blowers for high quantity, volume air delivery, with controllable speeds
• Finely balanced evaporative cooling technique to ensure maximum cooling yet minimum humidity, the best alternative to air conditioning
• Design of air delivery customized for spread area or to direct air to specific work areas
• Silent operation, suitable even for electronics and pharmaceuticals
• Environment-friendly techniques and materials
• Sanitized air with option of including air purifiers

Models available include:
  • Aero series
  • Twister Series
  • Ventilion Series
  • Aerocool Series

These models are designed keeping in mind the space to be cooled and the volume of air as well as velocity of air to be delivered to ensure optimum cooling and maximum comfort with none of the stickiness associated with air coolers due to the evaporative cooling techniques. The best quality of the cooler motors and water pumps ensure flawless performance and longevity of the products. The cooling pads have maximum surface area for best performance. We use India’s one of the finest honey comb pads.

Each component that goes into the making of industrial coolers carrying the Clarion brand is chosen for its quality, performance and durability. Clarion is not like any assembled cooler; it is a product of precise engineering calculation and careful manufacturing to assure flawless performance for years.

As for our prices, these are the best in relation to the quality and after sales services we offer. Stay cool, help your workforce perform at optimum levels even during the searing heat of summer while paying lowest energy bills with Clarion Coolers!