Air coolers is one segment in which manufacturing is quite disorganized with many corner shops and small units putting together systems that barely last a season. They are content to follow. Clarion Coolers, on the other hand, is a leader. We have pioneered the art of innovation in something as simple as air coolers and refined it into a high tech product that works even in high ambient temperatures of Indian and Middle East summers—a time when air conditioners fail to live up to expectations. We lead by setting an example based on our research that takes in all parameters such as air speed, air volume, air delivery, moisture content control and air spread to optimize comfort levels.

Most entrepreneurs would not consider investing in air cooler manufacturing because of the nature of the market. We did. We changed perceptions about air coolers as something that looked as it was put together in a workshop to something that is high tech, utilitarian and aesthetic as well for domestic use. Air coolers were considered cheap products not worth buying, especially by those with money. We led from the front and changed perceptiosn about it being an energy saving, high performance, environment-friendly product.